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Sage CRM Works with Sage ERP solutions

When you marry your CRM tool with your ERP solution your business benefits from end-to-end visibility and a single view of the customer, where each department is working from the same database and communicating the same information in the same way. The result is greater insight into business performance and more efficient business processes that drive growth, increase productivity and profitability.

By joining CRM and ERP systems together and accessing information that exists across the business, companies can significantly improve business processes and workflow, empower employees, drive productivity, and enable informed decision making, allowing them to grow and achieve a competitive advantage.

After a series of acquisitions, American Pool Enterprises Inc. were challenged with consolidating information from their 21 different offices across the US. Each office had its own infrastructure, servers and database software. Sage CRM was able to provide a centralized source of accurate up-to-date information which helped them to streamline processes and increase efficiencies while giving executives better visibility of a complex business.

"You realize how powerful it is when an executive comes and asks you to track something within the business and you can turn it around for them in thirty seconds."

American Pool
Karen Snyder, Chief Information Officer, American Pool

Featured customer - Lincoln Waste Solutions

For Lincoln Waste Solutions in North America, a joined-up CRM and ERP solution from Sage has led to a 40% increase in the efficiency of the firm’s support services.

"Previously, incoming customer queries could only be dealt with by looking through disconnected spreadsheets, documents and billing software. “Now it’s all on one screen which makes our people much more productive."

Jay Lentz, Client Development Executive, Lincoln Waste Solutions