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Sage CRM Professional


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  • Case management
  • Knowledgebase management
  • Support for Sage CRM Sales Lite
  • Sage CRM Builder
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Sage CRM On-Premise

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  • Advanced customization
  • Advanced email management
  • Support for Sage CRM Sales Lite
  • Integration with Sage ERP
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Feature Detail

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Contact Management included included included
Contact Management
Sage CRM enables you to input and track all standard contact information such as name, address, multiple phone numbers, customer ID and relationship types.
Interactive Dashboard included included included
Interactive Dashboard
Monitor opportunities and pipeline, manage calendar entries and appointments and customize the dashboard with content that is relevant to you or your team.
Classic Dashboard (* upgrade only)   included included
Classic Dashboard
Create a new customized dashboard with all the content you need for your day-to-day work.
Cross Bowser Compatibility included included included
Cross Bowser Compatibility
Access Sage CRM across all modern Internet browsers and work efficiently through the modern, intuitive interface. Supported browsers in include Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8 and 9) and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Advanced Find included included included
Advanced Find
You can use the Advanced Find feature to perform complex database searches. Advanced find searches can be based on any of the main CRM entities - these are Case, Communication, Company, Lead, Opportunity, Order, Person, Quote, and Solution
Export reports and lists to PDF & CSV included included included
Export reports and lists to Excel     included  
Reporting included included included  
Document Management included included included  
Group Management included included included  
Sales Automation  
Opportunity Management included included included
Opportunity Management
Track opportunities as they move through the sales cycle, with each stage fully configurable to map to the organization's specific sales process of the customer.
Sales Forecasting included included included
Sales Forecasting
A full forecasting suite that delivers easily accessible, accurate and timely forecasts, allowing sales representatives to monitor progress against targets and identify variances earlier in the sales process.
Quotes and Orders Management included included included
Quotes and Orders Management
Automatically generate quotes and proposals using predefined templates. Sales quotes are based on the most up-to-date product and pricing information, reducing potential for error.
Lead Management included included included
Lead Management
Qualify leads against specific criteria and automatically assign to the most appropriate team member based on territory, product or industry criteria. Track leads through each stage in the sales process and allow management visibility.
Reporting included included included
Avail of a comprehensive selection of standard reports straight-out-of-the-box or create new reports with ease using wizard-based tools. Report charts and graphs are highly visual and quick and easy to create.
Sales Workflow   included included
Sales Workflow
Workflow Management can be used to progress a lead through the entire pre-pipeline process, from capture through to qualification, and then onto the sales-cycle. Leads are visible to sales management and other members of your sales team where appropriate, ensuring that every lead is followed up and progressed to maximum effect.
Web-to-lead   included included
Sage CRM provides the capability to capture leads, using the customer self-service portal, from an external website using a combination of customer login, drop-down menus and free-text.
Marketing Automation  
Campaign Management included included
Campaign Management
View activities, objectives, leads and follow-ups, drill-down into to specific activities such as communications, opportunities, responses, budget, costs and prospects. Clone marketing campaigns quickly and easily for recreation and collaboration.
Segmentation and groups   included included
Segmentation and groups
Customer data and prospect lists can be fully segmented according to specific criteria for targeted marketing communications campaigns. Marketing lists can also be exported to Microsoft Excel. The Related Entities functionality is available on Professional Cloud and On-Premise editions allowing you to create graphical representations of relationships for cross-selling programmes.
Campaign Reporting   included included
Campaign Reporting
Track the success of individual or on-going campaigns in real-time and at any stage in the campaign.
Outbound Call Management   included included
Outbound Call Management
Target marketing lists can be allocated and scheduled for follow-up calls. Sage CRM schedules calls for your telemarketers and triggers follow-up actions dependent on call outcome. The details of the calls are captured for reporting and audit purposes. Call lists can be allocated against specific individuals or a group and can be scheduled dynamically in the case of a group
Mass Email included included included
Mass Email
Mass e-mails can be in text or HTML format and they can contain file attachments and inline images
Mass Email Management   included included  
E-Marketing for Sage CRM     included
E-Marketing for Sage CRM
Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM delivers all the power of e-marketing software directly through Sage CRM for end-to-end e-marketing campaign management.
Advanced E-mail Manager Server Options     included  
Customer Service Automation  
Case Management included included
Case Management
Automatic generation of escalation alerts where failure to meet Service Level Agreement requirements has occurred, ensuring customer service cases are progressed in accordance with SLA requirements, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
Solutions/Knowledgebase Management   included included
Solutions/Knowledgebase Management
Customer service teams have easy and immediate access to a central repository of articles (Solutions) that address common issues. Customer service representatives can also create a new solution when dealing with a specific customer service case and apply workflow to ensure that it is reviewed, approved and published by specific members of the customer service team.
Web Self-Service     included
Web Self-Service
Web Self-Service is a tool that enables you to allow your customers, partners, and suppliers to access a subset of your Sage CRM data and functionality over the web whenever they want or need it.
Management & Security  
User Admin included included included
User Admin
Simply add new users or change existing users giving them instance access to the information they need.
My User Preferences included included included  
Team CRM to manage my teams information included included included  
Ability to create custom themes     included  
Territory Management   included included
Territory Management
Segment your data by setting up profiles and territories to reflect the structure of your organization. Users can then be assigned a profile and home territory depending on their position the organization.
Set up security profiles and security policies   included included  
Set up password policies     included  
Standard Customisation  
Caption Translation to customize screens included included included  
Field Management - add/edit/delete fields included included included  
Screen Management - edit screens included included included  
Screen Management - add/edit/delete screens     included  
List Management - edit lists included included included  
List Management - add/edit/delete lists     included  
Field level - Create/Validate Scripts     included  
Table Level Scripts     included  
View Management   included included  
Notifications included included included  
Reports - add/edit/delete reports included included included  
Advanced Customisation  
Escalation Rules (*pre-configured only) included included included  
Edit Escalation Rules (*pre-configured only)   included included  
Create Escalation Rules outside of workflow     included  
Workflow Management   included included  
Workflow Preview     included  
Add Server Side actions in workflows     included  
Add Client Side actions to workflows   included included  
Key Attributes (*Upgrade only)   included included  
Button Groups     included  
Tables and Databases     included  
Add Devices   included included  
Tabs     included  
Blocks     included  
Data Management  
Data Upload from CSV included included included  
Data Upload from Excel     included  
Match Rules (*pre-configured) included included included  
Company Name Clean-up (*pre-configured) included included included  
Currency Configuration included included included  
Forecast Management included included included  
Download Database included included    
Manage Relationship Types   included included  
Email and Documents  
Standard spell checking included included included  
Library Management included included included  
Logging     included  
System Upgrade included included included  
Database Access     included  
Metadata included included included  
System Behaviour included included included  
Locks     included  
Timings   included included  
Lock System included included included  
License Key Details included included included  
Proxy Settings     included  
Real Time SData Feeds included included included  
GCRM Contract included included included  
Classic Outlook Integration (*Upgrade only)   included included  
Lite Outlook Integration* included included included
Lite Outlook Integration
Add Outlook contacts to CRM from within Outlook and file single or multiple e-mails against the associated contact in CRM.
*Only available On-Premise as part of Exchange Integration - not as a standalone plug-in)
Server-Side Email Integration     included
Server-Side Email Integration
Seamlessly synchronise your Sage CRM calendar, task list and contact with the calendar, task list and contacts in your Server-Side Mailbox.
Mobile Devise Support included included included
Mobile Devise Support
Allow sales teams to work online and in real-time from anywhere in the world with a fully optimized experience from iPhone, Android™ or Tablet devices.
Self Service     included
Self Service
Sage CRM’s Web Self-Service module provides your customers, users, and partners with access to a subset of CRM data and functionality through a customizable Self-Service site
CTI Integration     included  
Component Manager     included
Component Manager
The Component Manager functionality enables system administrators to customize the Sage CRM database, install components and overwrite changes previously made easy
Twitter Integration included included included
Twitter Integration
With Sage CRM for Twitter you can post or reply directly to tweets from within Sage CRM or view Twitter feeds for specific companies and save the contents of the tweet to a note within Sage CRM.
LinkedIn Integration included included included
LinkedIn Integration
Sage CRM for LinkedIn enables you to efficiently build a professional network of possible customers and partners, as well as providing sales personnel with valuable insight into prospective customers.
Facebook Integration     included
Facebook Integration
Sage CRM for Facebook brings customers' Facebook profiles inside the customer CRM account allowing users to view company and individual Facebook details.
Yammer Integration     included
Yammer Integration
Drive employee productivity and knowledge exchange with Business Collaboration powered by Yammer
Developer Interfaces  
SOAP web services API   included included  
COM API     included  
SData API     included  
.NET API     included  
Client Side API     included  

Privacy, security & compliance

As an organization with over 6.3 million customers, we take the responsibility of managing your customer information extremely seriously. We employ the latest industry technologies and best practices to secure and manage your information stored on the Sage CRM Cloud. Find out more at trust.sagecrm.com

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"Over the last four years our company’s revenue has grown about 60 percent and we would not have been able to do that without Sage CRM."

Karen Zfaty, Director, Marketing Info Systems, PARS (Public Agency Retirement Services)