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Did you know you can manage any area of your business with Sage CRM Builder?

Sage CRM Builder can help you become more productive, it can help your teams become more efficient, and it can help you manage the important areas of your business.

It’s one of the most powerful and flexible tools we’ve created for Sage CRM. With Sage CRM Builder, you:

  • Plan events
  • Run training courses
  • Manage products and equipment
  • Oversee key business projects
  • Track competitors

Why Sage CRM Builder?

Our customers use Sage CRM Builder to manage areas of their business. They are planning events and training courses, tracking competitors, overseeing products and equipment, and implementing key business projects. And Sage CRM Builder is helping them save time and money.

Find out how Sage CRM Builder can help your business with our free guide Introducing Sage CRM Builder.

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Sage CRM Builder is a powerful, accessible, and intuitive business tool for people who want more from CRM.

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Featured customer - SCL Tigers

Having previously worked with error prone systems, SCL Tigers turned to Sage CRM because of its accessibility, ease of use and the ability to adapt the solution to their business needs. Sage CRM has empowered SCL Tigers with a customized solution that will track the career potential of a player for years to come. This has, in turn, freed up resources and improved the overall cost control for SCL Tigers.

"We purposely integrated a special feature in the system called “Scouting”, in which we track the career and potential of a player in the CRM for years to come"

Ivan Brägger, Managing Director - SCL Tigers

SCL Tigers