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Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses today. With minimal resource requirements, every small or medium sized company can deliver personal, relevant and timely email marketing communications to customers and prospects alike.

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM gives businesses built-in email marketing within your Sage CRM, allowing you to quickly and easily build campaign lists, design effective email communications and deliver your messages to the right people at the right time. Responses to your email campaigns can be analyzed in real-time, allowing you to continuously make improvements and maximize your ROI.

Wesgro required a joined up solution that would allow them to capitalize on marketing opportunities, ensuring efficient business growth. Sage CRM, with full e-marketing functionality, was deployed to fully support Wesgro’s changing and challenging business processes. Sage CRM has helped Wesgro to successfully retain business opportunities and follow-throughs. The joined up solution has allowed Wesgro to fully capitalize on marketing activity and support their business growth.

* This is only available in On-Premise

"We have experienced exceptional growth in the last year, and Sage CRM, with full e-marketing functionality, was the next step to support this growth"

Ian Blackie, Chief Financial Officer, Wesgro

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Professional email templates

Choose from over 90 pre-designed email templates

Campaign cloning

Clone successful e-marketing campaigns quickly and easily

Follow-up with tele-sales

Create call lists based on e-marketing responses

Automated e-marketing campaigns

Create drip marketing campaigns quickly and easily

Campaign tracking and analysis

Track open rates, clicks and unsubscribes to determine campaign effectiveness

Featured customer - Rockend Software

Rockend Software were managing a range of unrelated systems for project implementation, support, their customer website and sales and marketing. They recognized the need to address these technology issues before this impacted on their growth. Along with Sage CRM, Rockend Software chose Sage eMarketing to produce targeted and intelligent campaigns based on audience preferences and interest. This has allowed them to make better informed decisions, be more responsive to their customers and market and drive process and people efficiently throughout the business.

“Everyone in the company can now see all the information they need about customers so that we can service them better.”

John Goddard, CEO - Rockend Software