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Today's marketplace is more competitive than ever.

Small and medium sized businesses are working with tighter marketing budgets, limited in-house resources and more demanding customers.

Marketers need to access to customer insight so they can segment customers and prospects, and provide the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

There is a solution.

Businesses like Nexus Solutions and Island Lake Resorts Group are using Sage CRM to manage customer and prospect information and run more effective marketing campaigns.

"All communications between prospects and clients are recorded in the CRM...our marketing efforts achieved a much higher response".

Nexus Solutions
Astley Yip, Sales Manager - Nexus Solutions

How Sage CRM helps Nexus Solutions manage its marketing campaigns

Established in 2001, Nexus Solutions provides integrated network communication infrastructure and internet security technologies to customers in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Prior to purchasing Sage CRM, Nexus Solutions struggled to create marketing campaigns with consistent messaging for customers.

Now, Nexus Solutions has a central bank of customer and partner information that its sales and marketing teams collaborate on for each campaign.

Run your next marketing campaign with Sage CRM

Every day, Sage CRM helps businesses like Buffalo Sabres and Island Lake Resorts Group communicate with their customers. It can help your business too.

With Sage CRM, you can:


  • Manage a marketing campaign across multiple channels
  • Track new leads and sales opportunities
  • Use powerful campaign reports to improve you next campaign

Start a free 30-day trial today of Sage CRM and plan your next marketing campaign today.


Learn more about Sage CRM for marketing

Campaign management

Create, track and manage marketing campaigns

Customer segmentation

Segment customers across multiple channels

Lead management

Track leads and sales opportunities

E-marketing for Sage CRM

Execute targeted email marketing campaigns

Reporting and analysis

Track your marketing spend and report on campaigns

Outbound call management

Manage outbound calls and campaign follow–ups

Interactive dashboard

Monitor marketing campaigns on new, powerful dashboards

Featured customer - Widex

After using Sage CRM, hearing aid manufacturer Widex fostered customer loyalty with targeted marketing campaigns that delivered a return on investment. Widex now has a central repository of customer information, which informs the business and enables customer retention.

"Sage CRM helps us tailor campaigns that are a lot less wasteful than advertising. We can make sure relevant customers are alerted when one of our road shows visits their area, for example, or we can send them information about a new product that suits their profile."

Steen Teisen, Chief Executive Officer, Widex, China