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Sage CRM What Sage CRM can do for you

Exceed your customers’ expectations with outstanding service

Sage CRM is designed to help you manage and resolve customer queries and issues efficiently and effectively, by accessing real time customer information when you need it. Your customer service staff gains full access to every customer communication, so you can make every interaction informative and effective.

Customer Service

Video: Manage the customer service process

Customer Service

Video: Deliver 24/7, interactive customer support

Interactive dashboard

Provide your customer service team with access to an intuitive and customizable workspace from which they can manage and control all customer queries.

  • Access the most accurate and up-to-date information all on one screen
  • Create a dedicated company or key customer dashboard for specific accounts
  • Monitor all customer cases from one place

Web self-service

Allow your customers, partners and suppliers to log cases and view updates at their convenience with full web access.

  • Integrate your exiting website with web-self service as a dedicated portal for your customers, partners or suppliers
  • Allow users to view and input data into easy to adapt personalized web pages at their convenience
  • Reduce the strain on internal resources by allowing customers to help themselves

Case management

Capture, manage and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Record all customer queries and incidents that need to be followed up
  • Create automatic triggers to ensure all cases are followed up in the time specified
  • Track and action all cases directly from your interactive dashboard

Team management

Effectively manage and monitor team performance and ensure that each team member is fully equipped to resolve customer issues and deliver an efficient level of service.

  • Gain detailed insights to manage performance across your teams
  • Monitor key metrics such as case volume and case resolution times
  • Monitor the prioritization of cases and overall customer satisfaction

Knowledge base

Build an effective online knowledge base of common issues and known solutions so your customer service teams can respond quickly to customer queries.

  • Gain immediate access to a central repository of customer service solutions
  • Ensure that only reviewed and approved solutions are published through workflow approval processes
  • Search for solutions quickly and easily


Continuously monitor and measure customer service performance with powerful reporting capabilities.

  • Access a comprehensive suite of standard reports or customize specific ones to suit your business needs
  • View detailed analysis on metrics such as call volume, case resolution times, communications and follow-up statistics
  • Create highly visual and fully customizable report charts that make data analysis easy