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Plan, execute and track your marketing campaigns with ease

Sage CRM makes it easy for you to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns, eliminate guesswork and make the best use of your marketing resources. Create detailed customer profiles, closely monitor your marketing budgets and track each new lead to ensure your make the most of every marketing campaign.


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Campaign management

Manage your marketing campaigns across multiple channels and resources and maximize your marketing budget with Sage CRM.

  • Identify the campaign source for leads, opportunities and closed sales
  • Link leads back to their original campaign
  • Drill down into campaign users, activities, resources and budgets

List segmentation

Segment your customer and prospect lists with ease to ensure you send highly targeted marketing communications to the right people every time.

  • Create marketing lists and groups using specific criteria, including transaction history if required
  • Record and re-use successful campaign lists or import mailing lists
  • Automatically create sub-lists of responses for future campaigns

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM

Execute and analyze targeted email marketing campaigns without having to leave Sage CRM.

  • Choose from over 90 pre-designed email templates
  • Create highly targeted email and drip marketing campaigns quickly and easily
  • Track open rates, clicks and unsubscribes to determine campaign effectiveness
  • Create follow-up call lists based on e-marketing responses

Lead management

Manage and track all your leads to ensure that sales opportunities are never missed and always actioned correctly.

  • Qualify leads against specific criteria and track at each stage in the sales process
  • Ensure your leads are assigned to the most appropriate sales staff using the automated workflow
  • Analyze and track the source of all leads with powerful reporting tools

Social CRM

Integrate social media activity into your marketing mix in order to engage your customers and prospects and promote your products and services more effectively online.

  • Research LinkedIn directly from Sage CRM to build further knowledge about your customers and prospects
  • Manage your Twitter communications directly from Sage CRM and save contents of tweets as notes in your system ensuring no customer connections are missed
  • Bring your customer’s Facebook profiles inside Sage CRM so you get a complete picture of your customers, and better target them in your marketing communications

Reporting and analysis

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and quantify the return on your marketing investment with Sage CRM’s suite of marketing reports.

  • Create graphical reports on marketing activity in minutes using standard reporting or reports customized to your business
  • Calculate the direct revenue yield from each marketing campaign
  • Create alerts to flag when a campaign is over budget

Outbound call management

With Sage CRM you can manage your outbound calls and campaign follow-ups with ease

  • Set daily call targets for teams
  • Upload scripts with drop down and free text boxes so all feedback can be captured
  • Use workflow to route calls according to particular responses

Marketing dashboard

The interactive dashboard is an intuitive workspace from which to view and monitor marketing campaigns and activities.

  • A pre-installed marketing dashboard is available out-of-the-box or you can customize your own dashboard with content that is relevant to you
  • Link to highly graphical reports and 3D charts to track the success of marketing campaigns and activities
  • Display feeds from website and link to social media sites to identify networking and marketing opportunities with customers and prospects