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Close sales opportunities in less time with Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides you and your sales team with the tools and information you need to close sales faster and monitor sales performance. It puts detailed account and pipeline information at your fingertips, and helps you manage every aspect of the sales process more effectively, from initial lead through to close.


Video: An easy to use solution for your sales team


Video: Helping you to keep track of the sales process

Interactive Dashboard

Simplify your daily tasks and activity management with an intuitive workspace containing your key sales information. With information from Sage CRM, Sage ERP and social media feeds all in one place, you can have a real-time view of customer information and sales activity without having to switch between screens.

  • Monitor your opportunities and pipelines
  • Manage your calendars and appointments
  • Engage with key social media channels
  • Manage your key accounts from one place


With point-and-click reporting and graphical representations, you get rapid access to data for immediate analysis and decision-making.

  • Choose from a comprehensive selection of standard report types
  • Create new reports using wizard-based report tools
  • Easily filter data according to specific criteria


Gain a complete real-time view of your sales performance at any moment in time with detailed, accurate and timely forecasts.

  • Consolidate forecasting information quickly and easily across teams
  • Export forecast information to excel for further analysis
  • View custom sales forecasts using a wide range of information

Opportunity management

Track your leads easily from first contact to final closure, so you can ensure that time and resources are directed towards the most winnable deals.

  • Ensure leads are handled by the most qualified sales representatives
  • Automate follow-up activities for greater efficiency
  • Escalate and reassign leads directly from your interactive dashboard

Quotes and orders

Ensure that your sales quotes are delivered with the most up-to-date product and pricing information, maximizing efficiency and reducing the margin for error.

  • Create accurate quotes and orders in a couple of clicks
  • Automatically generate sales proposals using predefined templates
  • Access data from your Sage ERP solution if required

Communications management

Enjoy a seamless calendar management experience between Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Manage your calendar and appointments with ease from your interactive dashboard
  • Increase productivity with on screen reminders and notification alerts
  • Access up-to-date appointments, tasks and contacts from your smartphone

Territory management

Assign rules automatically and route leads to the most appropriate sales representatives based on territories.

  • Create new teams and re-assign leads quickly and easily
  • View campaign response rates and associated sales revenue by territory
  • Gain deep insight into sales effectiveness and performance by territory

Works with Sage ERP

Gain a single view of your customers with access to accurate and up-to-date information on finance and operations as well as your CRM system.

  • View information from your Sage ERP system directly on your dashboard
  • Check the real-time status of orders
  • Check availability of stock across different locations
  • Provide customers with timely and accurate information

Business-wide collaboration

Drive employee productivity and knowledge exchange with social-style collaboration powered by Yammer.

  • Collaborate with Yammer groups and across records
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning and employee engagement
  • Provide greater visibility of projects for all employees

Mobile access

Access critical customer information anytime, anywhere, with our wide range of mobile solutions.

  • Access key customer information, schedule and manage activities and view history
  • Search and update contacts, opportunities, leads and cases
  • Run and view reports on the go
  • Avail of powerful mobile apps that provide real-time data even when out of coverage