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“Productivity gains have been significant. Via the integrated solution, WaiveStar’s accounts team can now access quotes and sales orders stored in Sage CRM quickly and easily without the need to consult and cross reference multiple databases”

Ayda Hornak, Infrastructure and Innovation Manager, WaiveStar

Growing pains solved with Sage solution

WaiveStar is an Australian provider of supply chain management solutions that deployed Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 300, to successfully navigate difficult challenges that emerged from a period of sustained growth, giving itself a strong foundation for continued success. 

Multiple systems encouraged mistakes 
A victim of its own success, WaiveStar was struggling with administrative systems that were ill equipped to deal with fast growth and a booming business. There were errors and inefficiencies as employees input customer information into at least seven different databases, Excel spreadsheets, and an old CRM system. A lot of time was wasted with two administration staff taking two days a month to process invoices for one customer. With multiple points of data entry, mistakes were made in customer information and records handling, leading to client dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities. “All of these problems pointed to the need for a robust and integrated CRM/ERP system, where all staff had access to a single point of entry,” said Ayda Hornak, Infrastructure and Innovation Manager.

Dramatic efficiency gains with Sage CRM  

A thorough procurement process led the firm to Sage CRM, favoured for its flexibility and out-of-the-box integration with Sage 300, the company’s financial system. 

Since it was deployed, WaiveStar has achieved 80% efficiency gains across the entire business. The firm has found the sophisticated solution it needed to reduce the administrative burden on its staff and improve customer service. What used to take days to complete is now done in a matter of hours. At the same time, the accuracy of data has improved dramatically through the automation and integration of key business processes.

Better reporting informs management strategy 
With a central repository for all customer data, from quotes to orders, invoicing and after sales service, the integration of Sage CRM and Sage 300 turns every customer engagement into an end-to-end process. There is no need to consult and cross-reference multiple systems and databases; everything is accurate, up to date, and in one place. As well as the significant productivity gains, the business has benefited from much better reporting. The accounts team, for example, can quickly access quotes and sales orders stored in Sage CRM for a snapshot of cash flow and revenues. 

The advantages go all the way to the top. “The senior management team within WaiveStar now has more time and more insightful information mined from their integrated Sage CRM/ERP system on which to base business decisions, such as identifying opportunities in the customer supply chains for up-selling,” explained Hornak.

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