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Sales and customer satisfaction levels grow with Sage

CommLink, a communications service provider based in Mansfield, England, chose Sage to support the company’s next phase of growth and development.

Searching for a solution 
Despite bad experiences with some of the biggest CRM products around, Managing Director Mike Burkinshaw was determined to find a solution that would help sustain better customer relationships. The decision to sign up for the free 30-day trial of Sage proved to be transformational.

“I’d had a lot of experience with CRM systems and knew what I wanted to do with it. Within hours of starting the Sage trial we were putting in and pulling out fields and tables; I was on the phone to Sage to see how configurable it was and discovered how easy it related to other systems. I knew very quickly that we had found our CRM solution,” he said.

Delivering on the promise
Deployed on site with user licenses for all 14 of his sales and administrative staff, Sage ticked all the boxes for Commlink with rich features and functionality to support sales and marketing. An easy-to-use-interface encouraged fast adoption. 

“The team loves it because it’s clear and easy to use; it’s not clunky like some of its competitors,” said Burkinshaw. “Sage has a simple ‘drag and drop’ feel but if you need to do something more complex and put some code in, you can do that too. It’s user-friendly and customization.” Sage Partner Qmulus Solutions was brought in to integrate different systems including Sage 50, the accountancy package that was already fundamental to the business. 

Bringing about change
CommLink experienced 50% growth in 2014, a significant ramp up in business that Burkinshaw puts down in part to the use of Sage. And he credits it directly for improving customer satisfaction levels by 25%.

As soon as it was deployed, account managers made it the platform for proactively managing relationships with hundreds of existing customers. It also introduced advanced email marketing capabilities. The company now tracks and monitors email campaigns, analyzing how customers and prospects respond then tailoring future campaigns accordingly.

With around 4,000 prospects in the Sage database and another 8,000 to be added, the company sends out 1,500 emails each week and supports them with follow-up calls and social media activity, all managed and logged within the solution. “Sage has dramatically increased the amount of business we have, and I expect to see a 50-75% growth on turnover as a result of our marketing and sales efforts within the next 12 months,” said Burkinshaw. 

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